Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We are a little slow in the Valentine's Day preparations over here. I have very few Valentine's decorations and can't muster the energy to get into our attic so we might not see them this year. Oh well.

Last night for FHE we talked about the people that we love and why we love them. I saw this idea and we replicated it on a much smaller scale. In our focused five minutes of FHE we cut three hearts for each person and thought of one reason that we love them. Hannah's were very descriptive:

I love Kate because she is in our family.
I love Dad because he is so special.
I love Mom because I love her so much. 

She's really getting the drift. We did pretty well until Kate ate a black marker as her refreshment. It was a fun and very typical Family Home Evening in our house. Now our hearts are taped above our kitchen table to remind us of our love for each other, you know, because we love each other!
What about you Mamas, any fun Valentine's traditions that you could pass on to us? I would love to hear your ideas.


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

We're going to make some fun necklaces this year... I'm going to post them later on my blog. We also had some friends over for FHE last night... that's a fun way to let people know we love them, right?

Brad and Erica said...

Great idea! And I love seeing your FHE in action, with Kate crawling all over the table. It's nice to know we are in good company!

Kim said...

We're going to make it a evening of red. Red food, drinks, hearts, and candle light of course! With my 6 favorite valentines. I'll have to throw some chocolate in as well. xoxo

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Sounds fun Kim. I was thinking about doing a fun dinner as well with my family. Thanks for the motivation!

Heidi said...

I'm horrible at celebrating Valentines Day but now with Max a little older I'm finally ready to make a big deal of it. The only tradition we have so far is a fondue dinner. I'm hoping this year to add a pancake heart breakfast, small gifts for the kids, and maybe decorating some paper hearts and cookies to deliver to friends.

Missy said...

We started the heart idea last year. We cover our sliding glass door in hearts. It's so fun!

And we get the girls small gifts from "cupid"

I was going to do pink yogurt and cinnamon sugar heart toast in the morning too (cookie cutters) with sugar cookie baking for sure!

(And we always paint toes pink/red - minus my husband:)

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