Monday, February 7, 2011


I hope you'll indulge me on this Monday morning, but I just had to share one more quote from Elder Ballard's talk that I posted about this weekend. I loved this thought. It makes me excited to see what my two little ones become. Their potential is limitless.

And, a winner! Thanks so much to Susan of Persimmon & Pink for sharing her talents with our Mamas.

Congratulations to comment #29 Heather, who said, "I really like the Families can be together forever. In any of the color choices. Seeing that everyday would be such a good reminder of the "big picture" in life", as well as "I just became a follower on facebook."

E-mail me Heather, at mamaswhoknow (at) with your print preference and we will get that shipped out to you. 


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

That's a very sweet quote.

Sarah said...

I just read this talk, after wanting to for many days. It was wonderful. I love the analogy of feeding our children spiritually just like we do physically. Thanks for your time and effort in this blog. I look forward to it everyday.

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