Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Do you think it's okay to choose favorites when it comes to general conference? I am going to go ahead and say, "yes". Let's hope none of the brethren are too offended when they don't make my list. There's always April, right?

I love all of conference, but sometimes there are just those talks that stand out or really hit home. Since we're all mamas here I'm guessing you may have been touched with the same ones that rang true to me too.

I thought I'd share my fav three of this past weekend. Keep in mind, I have yet to listen to Sunday morning, so this list could very well change.

In no particular order, as they were all equally enjoyed:

I loved Elder Holland's talk on Saturday morning. I can always count on Elder Holland to deliver, and this October was no exception. I loved the message and the gratitude he showed for all of the members of the Church. Made me feel appreciated. I also appreciated his words about the women of the Church and the service we render, both in our callings and as parents.

President Uchtdorf on Saturday morning was another favorite of mine. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love his candidness and his sense of humor. I loved his message of simplicity and of remembering the things that are most important. I also loved his reminder to love oneself and to get to know oneself more.

Elder Larry Lawrence's talk on Sunday afternoon about courageous parenting was one of the best I've heard in a long time. I especially appreciated his willingness to give specific examples of things we can and should do as parents. I am sure many discussions will ensue, following his counsel about sleepovers, but I was glad that he shared his experiences and thoughts. I would say this talk applies to parents of all ages, not just teens.

There you have it, my three fav's. Conference was wonderful as always. I look forward to reading the talks next month in the Ensign. Tell me now, did you have a favorite this year,  I would love to hear.

All of the talks can be listened to online and the transcripts will be available Thursday. 

All images via the LDS Newsroom.


Julie P said...

Pres. Uchtdorf is a rock star. I think it's also fun to listen to an accent during conference. :) His talk Saturday was powerful.

Hannah said...

I always get excited with President Uchtdorf gets up to speak. He is always so inspiring and this conference didn't disappoint. I can't wait to reread.

Cheeri said...

Pres. Uchtdorf's, definitely! I'm always telling myself to slow down, but it was nice to hear an Apostle say it is ok (and necessary) to do so. I also loved all the parenting advice from Elder Lawrence. Mary N. Cook's(YW) talk on being an "example of the believers" was also excellent. Our children need to SEE us living the gospel daily. Of course I can't forget about Pres. Monson....I love that man!

Katie said...

Elder Lawrence's talk inspired my husband to cancel our dish network subscription. For a guy whose nickname in college was "TV boy", that's a courageous act! Elder Lawrence was my stake president as a youth, so it is neat to see that he is still influencing my family even though I now live farther from home.

runningfan said...

Elder Lawrence, far and away! I have been praying for guidance on sleepovers and video games, specifically. Fantastic advice! I am totally thrilled.

I also loved Mary Cook. What a great talk on raising kids.

Elder Holland is my favorite in general, and his talk brought a tear in the first few lines! Love him.

I'm putting together my own conference post...maybe by tonight.

Dusty + Mary Anne said...

Oh Erin...what good taste you have. But man...Sunday morning was so good, too. Your three were definitely up in the top for me, too. From Sunday, I loved Sis. Cook, and Pres. Monson's talk was phenomenal. "Refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude." Love his one liners.

I, too, appreciated the counsel on sleepovers. I decided against them long before Sadie was actually born, but it was so nice to hear it over the pulpit and hope it gives parents the courage to tell their children "No."

Elder Holland, Pres. Uchdorf, Pres. Eyring...those are my three that I always get excited to hear from. Conference really is like a breath of fresh air. I'm excited for you to get "all caught up" on anything you missed :)

The McClellan Family said...

HI, I just found your site. I love it. I love that it is centered around being a "mama who knows" I think you are using that from Sis. Beck's talk, which I loved and still listen too. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie said...

I totally agree with your choices! Would add Elder Eyring and how God provided a way for him to follow through on his spiritual prompting. Also loved the thoughts by Pres. Monson on gratitude. Thanks Erin!

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