Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love Relief Society. Seriously. I'm not sure I always did, but over the years I have needed just what the Relief Society has to offer, and have come to love it.

Last night we had a wonderful activity in our ward. Very simple, but very effective and fun. 

One sister in our ward is a master sugar cookie artist (a title I am giving her). Upon questioning I learned that she had been taught the fine art of sugar cookie'ing at a Relief Society activity in her previous ward. With more questioning I learned that she would be more than happy to share her secrets with the sisters in our ward, so we could all become sugar cookie masters.

As an introduction, before the detailed class of butter, sugar and flour, she bore her testimony of the Relief Society program and shared this quote:
I truly am thankful for Relief Society. In more ways than just teaching me to bake sugar cookies, it has blessed my life. From filling the social interaction I need as a mom to young children, to building my testimony, I feel blessed to belong to such a wonderful organization.

So, good mamas, have you tied yourself to Relief Society? How has Relief Society blessed your life?


runningfan said...

I, too, love Relief Society. I love the fellowship with women that it offers. I love to learn from the older sisters. I love to visit teach people I would never have known without that inspired program. I have spent lots of time serving in other auxiliaries, but my heart has always been in Relief Society.

Heidi said...

I love Relief Society, when I go I feel so uplifted and rejuvenated, I am missing it a lot now since I serve in Primary.

Krista said...

i'm the enrichment leader in our ward and am always on the lookout for good and cheap activities to bring us together. love this and actually have been meaning to try out the royal icing. better start practicing so i can teach our women.
Please continue to share any other monthly activities that you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

When I served in our ward's Relief Society presidency I gained a strong testimony of the importance of Relief Society. I love Relief Society and I know the power it can have to change lives for the better. However, I have been serving in the Primary for the past three years and it has been difficult for me to stay connected to Relief Society. How can I reconnect with my sisters when I dont actually go to Relief Society?

Naomi said...

I totally love relief society, since I joined the church I have loved it and seem to spend most of my time serving there :)

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