Friday, October 22, 2010


Have you spent much time looking through the new Church magazine Temples that came last month in place of the regular issue of The Ensign? It is a very thorough description and guide for the temple and answers a lot of the common misconceptions and questions regarding temples. I love the photography and how it features some of the lesser-known temples of our Church. There seems to be something for everyone in the booklet and even a section entitled, "For Children: Your Path to the Temple" would be a great resource for a Family Home Evening lesson.

The whole booklet has got me thinking about my temple worship and attendance. Boy, is it difficult to get there sometimes. Our temple is the Dallas, TX temple and on a good traffic day it is accessible in about twenty minutes time. What a blessing that is. It is still however, difficult, with schedules and little children to always make it happen.

Recently, my husband and I decided that we better throw in the towel about always trying to make it to the temple together and try for separate sessions. I feel good about this game plan and hope that it can increase our attendance.

So, today I'm wondering, how do you mamas make temple attendance a priority. How do you find consistency and stick to it? I'd love for you to share your ideas with me.

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Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

You know what, with small kids at home, we do separate sessions a lot too. It's just easier and we feel like we're doing our part.

Our temple (Vancouver BC) is just across the Canadian border (which we are a couple miles from) and takes us about 30 minutes usually, which is GREAT since Seattle takes about 2 hours to get to. We are so blessed!

runningfan said...

Our temple is an hour away. It's hard to get there and leave our four kids for five hours. But every time I go, I feel motivated to go back. My husband and I rarely attend together, but our stake president recently expressed his concern that young couples aren't attending together. I know it would strengthen my marriage if we went to the temple together.

Heidi said...

In Vegas we just went separately, or we would take Max to walk the grounds while the other person did a quick initiatory session inside. Now that the temple is 100 plus miles away and Sadie struggles with bottles we have yet to figure out something that works. I definitely notice though when temple attendance is not regularly part of my life and i'm anxious to get it back.

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