Friday, September 17, 2010


I met with a few of the sister missionaries that I served with during my time in Ecuador for dinner the other night, and since then, my mission has been on my brain. It was so fun to reminisce and reflect on our experiences together.

Many of my most cherished memories and life experiences occurred during my eighteen months as a missionary. I know that to be true for my husband who served in Mexico as well.

I hope we always share those special experiences with our kids.

One way I have found to have missions as a topic of discussion in our home is to have photos of us as missionaries on our walls. Some time ago, I found a frame with two slots and put photos of myself and my husband in them. We have some framed prints from Peru in our guest bathroom and since we both served Latin missions, the photos fit right in. The frame hangs above the toilet in our guest bathroom, of all places!

But, it works. My toddler frequently discusses the photos as she brushes her teeth or washes her hands. It has given us a great chance to tell her about our missions. And, we've had non-member guests ask about the pictures as well. It's a great way to open discussion about the gospel.

Shortly after my husband returned from his mission, my mother-in-law had the above frame and mat ordered to hold one of his favorite mission pictures and his mission tag. I love it, and have plans to swipe it off her walls one of these days, for my own home. Maybe I'll wait until I have a little boys room to decorate!

Do your kids know about their mom or dad's mission? I'm sure they'd think it's pretty awesome that their dad had to eat chicken feet in their soup for two years. How are you teaching your kids about missions?

Have a great weekend! I'd love to be able to share some more conference traditions. If you've got them, pass them along to me at mamaswhoknow (at)


Heidi said...

Okay I love that idea for some art in Max's room. I am off to find a pic of Ben's mission to frame!

runningfan said...

The framed photos are a great idea! My husband served in Ecuador, too -- but he's probably lots older than you! Anyway, we have talked about missions a lot the last couple of years because I had brothers who served back to back. But we could do a better job sharing stories and experiences from Garry's mission. Good thoughts!! I've been meaning to email about conference....I'll do that right now!

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Good work Heid, I think it's fun to see pics of our hubby's on their missions.

So fun Heidi B, that your husband served in Ecuador too. What was his mission called?

Michelle Roesberry said...

.....don't forget to honor the moms who also served full time inspiration to our daughters and granddaughters.

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