Monday, September 20, 2010


These little guys said goodbye to their mamas over the weekend. My grandpa who has years of equestrian experience determined that it was time for these two, one a colt and the other a filly, to be weaned from their mothers. I grew up around these things, but never paid much attention until Saturday morning as I watched and listened to the process.

They were born in early April, and spent the first six months of their lives at the side of their mothers. Roaming the pasture, exploring and eating at their leisure was their life. Saturday, they said goodbye. Now they are on their own in the big barn while the mothers continue on in the pasture. We've been hearing their discontent from the barn all weekend long.

This whole weaning process got me thinking about me and my two little ones. How thankful I am that I have longer than six months to teach and prepare my girls for the big barn. Eighteen years, at least, of training and teaching are mine, to fill them up and prepare them. Eighteen short years.

Despite being tired and worn at times, I am thankful for the time that I do have. In the whole realm of a lifetime, eighteen years is short. I can do this right? I only have them in my care for a short time.

So, thanks to these two little ones and their mamas for their weekend message. It was a good reminder to me to enjoy my two because they are still mine to care for.

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Melanie said...

You know the old lady in the grocery store who reminds you to enjoy your children because they will soon be grown? Well, she's right! It happens so much more quickly than you would every imagine!

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