Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've eaten the same thing on Christmas Eve for me entire lifetime. We also get jammies, have a talent show and share the story of the nativity.  I love it and look forward to it. It is a tradition that cannot be broken. The 4'th of July calls for a pancake breakfast cooked on the griddle, followed by the neighborhood parade. For the last two years I have cooked the same dinner on Halloween and we've had friends over. I love tradition. It creates a bond within a family, a culture that everyone remembers.

I think General Conference should be the same way. Something that we look forward to, not only because we get to hear the words of our modern-day leaders, but because we get to be with family, eating things we like and doing things we enjoy.

So, mamas, I need your help. I would love to share your General Conference (past, present, or aspiring) traditions with other mamas on this blog. We have a few things we do in our home, but I am looking to form some new ones.

Leading up to General Conference weekend, I would like to feature a few mamas here that are willing to share what they do in their home on conference weekend.

If you have an idea or tradition that you love, please e-mail me at mamaswhoknow (at) gmail.com.  I know you've got them, so let's share! Can't wait to hear how you're doing it over at your place.

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Anonymous said...

I have a tradition that started with my college roommates and that I love to share with my little family. I get up a few hours before the Sunday morning session of conference and make cinnamon rolls. This is a big deal for me because I am SO NOT a morning person. But there's just something about the smell of baking bread and cinnamon that is so perfectly Sunday Morning and Conference.
By the way, I love your blog! Its so great to read something so uplifting in the blogger world and you have fantastic ideas. Thank you!

marta said...

erin, this is a great idea. i love to make my mom's 'thinnies' which are actually crepes and serve them with coconut, sliced berries, butter and whipped cream. it's a fun tradition to look forward to! we stay in our comfy clothes and go on a long walk sometime on sunday. i love to take notes in my journal while we're watching the sessions and try to pay attention to recurring themes throughout the talks.

we also always make the classic trail mix which i had growing up every conference: peanuts, craisins, cashews, m&m's, chocolate chips or peanut butter chips, reeses and gumdrops. my mom always changed it up, but the gumdrops were a standard.

Wendi said...

Hey Erin! I just heard about your blog from Shelly! Small world! Can’t wait to read more!

I grew up watching Conference in my ward building. Even when the time came that we could watch it at home, our family always went to church to listen. My parents would pack a special picnic lunch to eat between sessions. It was always the same- cold fried chicken, potato rolls, string cheese, grape juice boxes and peanut M&M’s. We would invite the missionaries to eat with us and soon it became a tradition for many other families in our ward too. All the kids would get a new pad of paper and pen just for Conference. As we got older, we each had our own Conference Journal. My mom would always tell us to write down or draw what we felt, saw, thought or heard the speakers say specifically to us.

The things I have gained from my parent’s traditions were not just the juice boxes or Sunday shoes- but rather the actual importance of being ready, on time, listening, and taking special notes that were just for me from the mouth of prophets. Love- Love-Love Conference!

Rae said...

Hope I'm not too late in commenting on this!

We go to my parents' house to watch it on TV, in our sweats. They make pancakes and we play conference bingo wit gummi bears- you can only eat them once you've heard what's in the square. I tried printing off a conference packet last time, but I think the six months will have made enough of a difference for my almost four year old. We look forward to it every time!

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