Monday, August 23, 2010


Bringing home our second daughter was not all bliss. Of course we loved having a newborn and were excited to get to know our new little one, but the transition for our older daughter was a tough one. She learned quickly that hitting her new sister was bound to get the attention of her parents. And so that's what she did.

I remember feeling so bad for little Kate as she endured the wrath of an older sister dealing with the adjustment of a new sibling. I wondered how she might survive long enough to fight back.  It was a hard time--for all of us, I guess.

Today, we are mostly home free as they interact quite well. I'm sure there will be many fights and struggles down the road, but for now one, of the most joyous sounds I hear is my girls laughing together.

I was intrigued and encouraged by this study, conducted by a BYU professor of Family Life. Apparently, despite the quarrels and fighting, positive sibling relationships do make a difference in the happiness of pre-teens and young teens.

I assume then, that our job as moms is to promote positive sibling relationships. We are yet to experience any major fighting as our kids are quite small, but I would love to hear your thoughts on keeping things positive and happy with your children in your home. Any ideas?

Along the same line, I also saw this new video by the Church about the relationship of two brothers. Made me happy to see the progress of their relationship.

Can you imagine your little ones as tall and lanky teenagers? Which one of my two will need braces? Made me smile to think of our future young women. What did you think of the video?


runningfan said...

I have two boys that don't get along lots of the time. The video made me cry -- and gave me hope that they will be best friends one day.

Di said...

Gracias mi querida Erin por compartir tu blog... Muchas veces también me he sentido frustrada al no alcanzarme el tiempo, pero sé que el Padre nos ha delegado esta tarea porque confía en nosotras por eso nos hizo madres... Que gran bendición que ha pesar del tiempo y la distancia, podamos seguir en contacto.
Te quiero mucho..

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