Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love back to school. It's such a fresh start in so many ways. I miss the days of school shopping and stocking up on loose leaf paper and the perfect pens and pencils.

Along with the new teachers and new sneakers, back to school also meant a father's blessing to start the new year. I think this is a fairly common practice among Mormon families. My husband has continued to receive a father's blessing even through medical school.

With all the change that accompanies back to school, family home evening might be a great venue for some good family discussion of the things that accompany new experiences.

You might consider these topics as you gather this Monday:

Making new friends and being a good friend
Being a leader and an example
Setting goals and keeping them
Expanding horizons and trying new things
Priesthood blessings (this might be a good starting point for toddlers)

On another note, thank you for your kind response to this new blog. The majority of readers are friends that I have met along my path of life and I truly appreciate your kind words of support. I am grateful to have so many wonderful fellow mamas surround me, both physically and in the blog world. Thank you, thank you.

Hope your weekend is wonderful as you prep to send the little ones back to school.


runningfan said...

We are starting our second week of school in Colorado. I always get in line with the kids for a blessing, and I take notes! It's like my own personal scripture.

Lindsey said...

cool! i will have to bookmark this and come back to it when izzy starts school again in a couple weeks. (we start later here). thank erin!

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