Friday, July 23, 2010


When I was little, my mom had a file of Family Home Evening lessons and activities. They were cut and colored and laminated to perfection, or so I thought. Sometimes, we'd even get into the lessons and play with them on our own. I am guessing she got together with some ladies in the ward and they cut and colored and exchanged, you know, all the things we're still doing today.

Well, at our home, we've yet to cut or color or exchange any sort of official FHE activity. Not saying I wouldn't love to have those resources, but it just hasn't been done yet.

The other night, as part of a Relief Society activity we exchanged Family Home Evening ideas. I went to the activity in hopes of revolutionizing our five-minute evening together. As we sat in a circle and shared, I quickly realized that we're all doing the same thing. Using the Church published Nursery Manual.

It is great. For those of you who live in Toddler-ville, like we do, it is exactly what we needed. Short and sweet lessons with songs and activities all included. It has been a life saver for us.

Likewise, Primary and Youth manuals can be accessed online for a quick and easy lesson idea.

Recently, I added the Gospel Art Book to our supplies and we've loved it as well. On many occasions, I have found my two-year old thumbing through the pictures, identifying things here and there.
I am often amazed at the great resources the Church has to offer. So, if cutting, gluing and laminating are not on your weekend agenda, there are still great Family Home Evenings to be had.

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Heidi said...

We use that, we also sometimes just choose a picture in the gospel art book and discuss it with Max and look up the associated picture/add a song.

Heidi said...

Whoops, I meant to write associated scripture, not picture!

Lindsey said...

Many our FHE's have been flipping through the gospel art book and sharing stories.

And the nursery manual - awesome.

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Glad to know our FHE's are on the same level as yours! I am loving the Gospel Art Book.

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