Monday, July 26, 2010



Some of the best conference talks (I think) come from the Priesthood session held on Saturday night for the men. Lucky for us, they are reprinted in the Ensign and can be found on

I am teaching a lesson this week in Relief Society based off of Elder Uchtdorf's address given in the Priesthood session this last April entitled, Continue in Patience.

 "As parents, we know how unwise it would be to indulge our children’s every desire. But children are not the only ones who spoil when showered with immediate gratification. Our Heavenly Father knows what good parents come to understand over time: if children are ever going to mature and reach their potential, they must learn to wait."

We are doing the marshmallow test tonight with our two-year old. I'm interested in seeing how she does.

Check it out, it really is a good one. 

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