Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It has been humbling and and so very inspiring to live amongst a small portion of our nation's military over the past six months here in Hawaii. Talk about sacrifice. Talk about service.

Our ward is filled with men, women and children who are giving each day for the price of our freedom. I am moved each Sunday as I watch many of the sisters in our ward sit with their children alone as they endure separation on our behalf.

On the very first Sunday in our new ward we noticed a row filled with seven. One sister and six little kids under about the age of twelve. It was hard to miss this sister and we guessed immediately that her husband must be deployed. Soon we got to know her and learned that indeed her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Each week she has been present, often even early to our 9 a.m. meetings and I have been inspired by her strength and stamina as she has endured this trial.

Well last night, this happy video showed up on my Facebook page. Her husband was home, just in time for Thanksgiving. I cried as I watched her soldier surprise their six children last evening, and  I couldn't have felt stronger feelings of thanksgiving for them, for the safe arrival of their Dad and for the safety and security of my own little family.

Happy Thanksgiving Mamas. May we enjoy the blessing of just being together on this Thanksgiving holiday.


Heidi said...

I am humbled by that video Erin! Here I was upset that Ben is on call on Thanksgiving and has been working until the late hours of the night each day this week, then I see this and understand true sacrifice.

Micaela said...

That was so wonderful to watch! Thank you so much for posting this. I cried like a baby watching those sweet sweet babies cry tears of joy for their dad. We are so blessed to have such dedicated servicemen and women. So happy for that committed sister! A truly Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Anne said...

Oooh boy. Made me cry. What a sweet moment for that family!

Hannah said...

I have a special place for all things Hawaii. We lived there for a couple years of our marriage. My parents have lived there for the last 12 years. We love it...and not for the beach or the sunshine. (Which, I hear has been non-existant over the past couple months. Hope the rain hasn't been too horrible!)

I hope you are settling in and enjoying the beautiful, wonderful Hawaiian people! They are truly a amazing people.

Missing you here.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to start blogging again? Miss your posts! This was turning into a weekly read for me! You have a serious gift and are very motivational. Hope your family and life on the island is wonderful! Perhaps you are just at a different place in your life and sharing it with the world is not a priority! Share it with those little girls. That is the most important! said...

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