Friday, March 25, 2011


Not totally related, but a sweet photo of the newest Mama I know, and her little son.

Somehow I harnessed the motivation to go through all of our little girl clothes last night, to begin the organizing process before our move. How we accumulated so many, is the question of the day. Seriously, it is a little ridiculous.

Jimmy and I oo'ed and awe'd over a few of the pieces that both of our girls wore, but didn't get overly sentimental as we were on the edge of our seats watching the BYU game. Unfortunately, the Jimmer era is over. 

Anyways, my great idea has spilled over into today and we have boxes to the ceiling of pink, pink and more pink. I have been facing the tough job of deciding what to keep, what to sell at a garage sale and what to haul over the ocean to Hawaii. It's a little sad to see all of our winter clothes head to the sale, but I just can't see the need for cold-weather gear in Hawaii. I'm guessing we'll just restock if there is a need five years down the road.

So, for the weekend, I found a few good reads that got me thinking about my parenting / mothering. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend.

- A good read from the Wall Street Journal from a mother who wondering why she lets her teenage girls dress the way they do.

- From the Deseret News, asking the question, do children add or subtract to our happiness?

If you do read these two pieces, I'd love to hear your feedback. Great stuff to think about.


Kendra said...

I just stumbled across your blog... When are you moving to Hawaii? And what island? My husband and I are moving to Hilo in June for pharmacy school. Isn't it so stressful trying to figure out what to sell, ship, ect. Good luck with moving! :)

Heidi said...

My sister sent me a link to that WSJ article yesterday. Interesting read. I feel like I have a good idea about how I will handle modesty and such with my daughter (s) but what scares me is if her friends parents will be vigilent as well.

2tiredmommy said...

As a mother of a teenage daughter, I am happy that she chooses modesty because of her values. I never have to worry about her choices in clothing. The Gospel in our lives has taught her to be modest. In response to the other article, I can't imagine my life without these 5 precious children!!! I am happy!

Mostly Diane said...

Article 1-- I grew up with all nonmembers and I have seen 2 things with my friends. They are either over the top liberal or they regret early promoscuity. I think the article is pretty accurate. We have been talking about modesty with our girls since they could dress themselves. We don't get Barbies because they are immodest. I can't remember which, but one of the apostles talked about defiling our bodies in the OCt 2010 general conference and placed dressing immodestly with pornography, and drug abuse.

Article 2-- I think it is a very destructive fad to be negative about parenthood. Articles and research stating that parenthood makes you unhappy are influenced by the adversary (who is trying to keep good people from having children.) I think it is very sad and very destructive to society to have articles and research saying that people are happier without children. I love Elder Ballard's statement, "Recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction."

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing some food for thought! The first article was reassuring to me in that this is the kind of backlash I want to see- those who have chosen a different path thinking about how to restore some values as they raise children.
The second article was shared in a training by our stake rs president Sunday. I have heard similar things recently and it makes me so grateful for our leaders. Sister beck's article on the doctrine of family in the ensign is one of my current favorites. My children are joy. I can't imagine life without them and can't wait to hopefully have more!

Emily said...

See comment # 4 -- Emily

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