Monday, March 28, 2011


Can you believe that we are upon another General Conference? Six months has flown by, for me at least. In our Relief Society we have spent the last three months reading all of the talks from October's conference and it has been an amazing experience. Somehow I managed to miss quite a bit when we watched it with our family.

This week I will be sharing a few more ideas as we prepare for this weekend's conference as well as some of my favorite quotes from last conference. A few flashbacks! Although, I've probably already shared most of them on here by now.

My first flashback is from President Monson's address given at the Relief Society general session about charity. His words have been on my mind since I read the talk last week.

How are you getting your family ready for this weekend's conference? Anything fun tonight for Family Home Evening?


runningfan said...

I don't know what we're doing as a family, but I have committed to reading the Conference Ensign from cover to cover this week.

marta said...

erin, i'm so excited for general conference too. it's always so good to hear counsel straight from the prophet! d and i hope to gear up for next weekend; having FHE all about personal and family goals and hopefully making it to the temple this week. have a good one.

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