Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The newest member of our family arrived yesterday. My sister gave birth to her first, a beautiful (unnamed as of yet) son, weighing in at eight pounds, seven ounces.

All day yesterday my thoughts and prayers were with them as they welcomed their boy to the world. When the text message of his arrival rang in, I was filled with emotion and thanksgiving, because really, what more is there to life for my little sister and her husband? This is the point to their life together.

What an event it is, if you stop to ponder, the grand miracle of life. Those thoughts allowed me to reflect on the arrival of our two beautiful daughters and the incredible impact they have had on my life. I can think of nothing greater than the gift of a child.

I remember distinctly the hours and days after each of my girls were born. They will stand as some of the most sacred and precious moments in my lifetime, and I am so grateful that my little sister is now experiencing the same.

Here's to a another happy family!

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