Thursday, March 31, 2011


Can you believe that cake?

Mamas Who Know reader, Louise, from England, sent me this photo from her friend Becky who makes this cake each and every General Conference for her children. The Quorum of the Twelve are made of icing sugar and apparently her kids go crazy for it. As they eat their apostle (can I even say that?) they tell stories about them. I love it!

More and more I am realizing that there are so many ways to celebrate General Conference. The ideas are endless and the internet is full of wonderful things. The most important thing, I believe, is the Spirit of hearing our prophets and apostles and being with family.

Here are some more fun ways to prepare:
Read here about the behind the scenes of General Conference
Listen to President Monson and others share why General Conference is important
Great ideas here for conference prep and games to play afterwards for review--good for teenagers
Some really good ideas from the Ensign about how to prepare our children for conference
Activities for children from
Updated conference packets from Sugardoodle
General Conference crossword puzzle
Lots of activity pages. It is eight hours after all.

I genuinely hope that you have a lovely weekend. I hope your kids are pleasant and happy and it is a time of peace and learning with your family. (I'm hoping the same for us too!)


Mostly Diane said...

that is an awesome cake. Our family does general Conference about how most families do the super bowl. We sometimes call it our semi-annual junk food fest. I love general conference. I am so excited for this weekend.

Heidi said...

That cake is too funny!

Emily said...

Love it! That's hilarious!

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