Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As you can see my flashbacks have been sparse this week. We are in the tail-end of getting our house on the market to sell and our life feels nothing short of chaotic. I should just go to bed, but our bed is filled four feet high with all of the things that were moved so that our carpets could be cleaned this afternoon. 

Last night our Relief Society culminated our months of reading the entire conference issue of the Ensign. It was a wonderful night, filled with the spirit as we reflected on our experiences of October's conference. It is amazing how the words of the prophets teach and influence each of our lives in such different ways. I have mentioned before how General Conference was akin to Christmas day when I was a missionary. I am starting to feel that way again for this Conference.

As I have flipped through my Ensign to share a few highlights from last conference I am realizing that I have already shared so many of the things that inspired or touched me over the past few months. So, on that note, here is my final flashback as we look forward to selling our house---and mostly general conference!

Sister Thompson gave a great talk about visiting teaching, do you remember it?

Read entire talk here
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runningfan said...

It was during this talk that I knew that my friend was ready to hear the missionaries. She and her husband were baptized six weeks later. :)

Christina said...

I do remember it. She is amazing, and I saw her last night at the general Relief Society training meeting.

I totally get the conference-is-like-Christmas feeling. I feel the same way!

And good luck with your house selling. What exciting changes you have coming!

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