Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I taught a lesson last Sunday in Relief Society about service. So, it has been on my mind. I shared some excellent (I thought) quotes, and we had a great discussion. I am always so thankful for those sisters that contribute to the classes and make my job so much easier.

Many of the quotes I shared were from a talk by President Monson entitled, "What Have I Done for Someone Today?"

Part of that talk can be seen in this Mormon Message.

More so than ever, I have felt a desire to incorporate more service into our life. Especially now that we have four little eyes watching and learning. Especially during this Christmas season.

So, this year we decided to make it happen. We have invited friends from our ward to our home this Friday evening for a dessert open house. Along with our open house we asked our guests to bring socks or underwear for a local women's shelter. We're not solving world hunger or curing AIDS but, we are hoping that with the help of our friends we can gather enough items to help a few that might be in need this holiday season.

Monday evening, we'll pack up our girls and deliver the goods. Hopefully, Hannah can catch just a bit of what we are doing. If not, there will be next year, because I am hoping this becomes a tradition.

So, the baking is in full gear. Have you used these before? My regular old chocolate chip cookies have taken on new meaning.

What about you? Have you figured out how to incorporate service into the hustle and bustle of the holidays? I would love for you to share.


Heidi said...

I would be interested in hearing more points from your lesson...sounds like a great topic and I teach as well! Thanks for the inspiration!

Heidi said...

I've definitely found a lot more ways to incorporate service into our month than in years past and I am loving it. Just this morning I am heading to our local women' shelter to help wrap gifts that have been donated. Trying to involve Max has been a little trickier, but we;ve done some small things like baking treats and then I ask Max who we should deliver them too unannounced. He gets pretty excited about that. I'm hoping we can do some sort of project involving kids at the hospital too, I think Max would like that

Katy said...

Just found your site and I love it. I think you will greatly help inspire me to do better with my two little ones - I know many days my priorities aren't what they should be. Just wanted to tell you that first!

My mom was such a great example of service and giving at the holidays (and other times) and it just isn't Christmas unless we've gotten an angel from the Angel Tree (that you see in malls) or have done some other Adopt-a-Family program. I love to donate my change to the Salvation Army bell ringers, that's a quick and easy way to share!

We definately aren't rich, but we have an abundance and we have everything we need. I try to give more - what's the CS Lewis quote about giving so much it hurts? - anyway, anytime I can impart of our good fortune to help another child or family or adult I try to jump to the chance!

Caley said...

I've been inspired by a lot of people this season. Especially at our site-with all the guest posts, but also at Her 30 days she's doing before her birthday...inspirational!

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