Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Do you have a missionary on your list this Christmas?

We've had a missionary back in the field for less than a week now. Abby, my husband's sister entered the MTC in Provo last week, she'll leave for Brazil in February. Abby was on our list this year so we put together a little missionary care package that would be wonderful for any missionary.

We included things that I know firsthand that missionaries love.

Nothing makes a missionary happier than to see the faces he loves from home. Seriously, you can't go wrong with pictures. We got Abby a very thin album and inexpensive album that she could fill with photos to share with the people she meets. It needs to be lightweight and small enough to fit in with a missionary's supplies.

We also know that Abby is a fanatic for her four nieces and nephews so we made her a simple desk calendar. She's already mentioned in a letter that she is anticipating 2011 so that she can show off her new calendar.

Church Materials
When I was serving in Ecuador, we did not have access to as many DVD's from the Church as I would have liked. They are great tools and our copies were pretty bad. Things may have improved over the last five years, but for a foreign missionary, DVD's from the Church are a great option. They are inexpensive and the new LDS store has free shipping.


Getting new music is always a highlight. Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD's are always fun, as well as other Church music if it is permitted in the mission. I found this CD at Deseret Book for a friend of mine in Ecuador, and I think it would be fun for any Spanish or Portugese missionary to receive. I especially liked the price. 

As a foreign missionary I loved getting my favorite candies from home that weren't available in that part of the world. Cinnamon bears and swedish fish were amongst my favorite.

Missionary apparel gets pretty mundane. New socks or a tie for an Elder are sure to be hits. A new piece of conservative jewelry, headband or flower clip would make any sister missionary happy. 

There you have it. Lots of things to made any missonary's Christmas a little brighter.

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