Monday, December 6, 2010


It is nice for me to get reminders of just how lucky I am to have these two girls in my life. It's very easy, in the day-to-day, to forget that they are gifts from above.

This morning  I read an article in the Mormon Times, entitled, Struggling with Infertility. Jill Witt, whom the article highlights is a friend of mine from high school. I was amazed as I read the statistics of those who struggle with infertility. I was even more amazed at her perspective. She said,

"I just remember that His promises are sure and that whatever He has in store for me will happen. And being OK with that is the biggest thing I've learned," she said. "(I) just swallow my pride and recognize it's the Lord's will because good things have come of this, and I'm sure more good things will."

I think this type of attitude can be applied in all facets of our lives. 

Jill also writes a blog about her infertility. From time to time I have stopped in and read about her struggles. She writes about her deep desire to become a mother, and her difficulty in being able to conceive. Essentially, there is nothing more that she wants than dirty diapers, a dishwasher full of sippy cups and interrupted sleep. Seriously.

It was a good reminder. 


runningfan said...

You'd never know it by looking at my full house now, but I struggled with infertility, too -- on three separate occasions. And yet, some days I forget the longing and the pain, the tears and the prayers, that preceded the miracles of each of my children. You're right -- it's a great reminder! I am really blessed.

I also wish I could talk to my former self and tell her to stop crying. Good things were in store! Back then I never could have imagined the life I live now.

Jill said...

Thank you Erin.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am one of Emmas Texas friends - she told me about your blog and I really enjoy it. I have had some experiences lately that have made me incredibly grateful for my two little girls and for how easy it was to conceive them. My husband and I have been so very blessed.

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