Thursday, November 25, 2010


I remember almost tangibly those first months of our oldest daughters life, being overwhelmed at times with gratitude. In our eyes, she came to us, as perfect as they come. I remember kneeling with my husband each night and giving thanks that He had entrusted us with this precious baby girl. How could it be, that we of all people, would receive such a gift? We couldn't express enough how thankful we felt. I remember other nights of rocking with her in the wee hours of the morning, staring into her lamp lit eyes and being overcome with emotion. The gratitude felt overwhelming at times.

Now she is older, and alongside her is another spunky little sidekick, and I've noticed that my prayers are different. These days, I find myself asking for patience, stamina and energy to be the mom that I want to be. In the midst of their colds I pray that they will feel better, that their noses will stop running and that they will stop coughing through the night. I pray that Hannah will be cooperative and kind and that Kate will be happy and content. I pray that we will teach them the right things and know just what they need. And then there at the end, I express gratitude for them, but I have noticed that it's not how it used to be.

While there are times and moments that I gaze at my girls and feel feelings of great thankfulness, it is not as constant as I would like. It is not as constant as I remember.

So, today, on this Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for the gift of these two small children in my life. I am thankful for what they have taught me, what they will teach me and for what they have helped me to become in the last three years. They are indeed two of my choicest blessings, and I want to be forever thankful to a loving Heavenly Father for the blessing it is to have them in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving Mamas.


runningfan said...

I'm thankful for my kids, too! It's good to have gratitude for them in the forefront of my mind. As I was running with my six-year-old in a turkey trot this morning, I realized I was in marathon shape before he was born. I'm definitely NOT anymore, but I'm so glad that he and his younger siblings have brought so much joy to our family.

cherie said...

Wow! beautifully put! Thanks for the reminder! I couldn't of said it any better, but feel the exact same way!

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