Monday, November 29, 2010


Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? We sure did. We did the Dallas Turkey Trot, ate a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, enjoyed a thrilling game of Acorns to Acorns (this could be used at FHE any time of the year), Black Friday shopped and got most of our house all set up for Christmas. It was a great week.

Now, Christmas is on my mind. I love Christmas.

This Wednesday marks the first day of December, and with that I've been contemplating advent calendars. There are so many fun ways to celebrate each day, leading up to Christmas. I thought I'd share a few ideas that I've found.

Yesterday, we gifted each sister in our Relief Society a Scripture Candle. Along with the candle was a darling poem and a list of scriptures. The few verses assigned to each day share the life of the Savior. Regardless if you light a candle or not, I think this is a neat way to incorporate the scriptures into this Christmas season.

I also came across this very complete list of service ideas for each day of the month. I love this idea. I'm not sure I could pull some of these off, but small and simple services each day of December is sure to put you and your family in the right Christmas spirit.

Finally, I grew up with a very simple chocolate advent calendar and we loved it! Using plastic wrap and wrapping ribbon my mom sectioned off a piece of plastic wrap, added enough candy for each member of the family and tied it off. Each day we cut a section off and devoured our treat after dinner. Last year I re-created my version of my mom's calendar and we loved it. Nothing like a circle punch and some clothes pins to liven an advent calendar. I've got to pick up the candies and we'll be set come Wednesday to kick off a wonderful December.

Do you do an advent calendar or something of the sort with your children during the month of December? Please share your ideas.


marta said...

you read my mind.. i was just about to create a scripture advent. thanks so much! i have finally collected enough christmas stories to wrap and place in a basket to be unwrapped and read one by one until the 25th. i can't wait.

Chris said...

Erin, I made an advent calendar for my family several years ago. It is the night sky with buttons that we attach stars to for each day. I wanted to make something that wasn't associated with Santa. You can see it here:

Heidi said...

I definitely want to incorporate more service into our advent calendar, love that list.

Both of my sisters do a scripture advent (

Another favorite that I've read about on a few blogs is the book advent, where you wrap up Christmas books and then unwrap a different one each night. We have yet to implement that one in our house though.

Heidi said...

I just read about another scripture advent/ornament craft in the Friend, very fun for little kids, go to this link, then click on the December Friend and scroll to pages 24-25:,7779,594-7-1,00.html#

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Good ideas Heid, thanks!

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