Monday, August 30, 2010


Last year we struck the jackpot in our ward. After a split of wards, our meeting time was changed to begin at 2:30 p.m. If you couldn't sense my sarcasm, that was not the jackpot. For a family with small kids, it has been quite difficult. Church ends, we drive home, find something for dinner and it is bedtime. Not to mention the entire day to fill before the meetings even begin.

In fact, that has been our main challenge--making Sunday a special day, with so much time on our hands.

One fond memory I have of my youth happened each Sunday morning. For a time, my Dad would wake up early Sunday mornings to bake frozen bread dough for a quick breakfast before Church. We knew, with the smell of baking bread that it was time to roll out of bed and get ourselves ready for our meetings. The counter top was adorned with butter and honey, and we looked forward to our Sunday morning bread. The tradition was simple, the preparation very easy, but it is a lasting memory of our Sabbath day.

With small children, it has proven to be a little more difficult to differentiate Sunday from the other days of the week. In my attempts at making Sunday different from the rest here are a few things I am trying:

- Church music in the morning
- Keep the TV off
- The Living Scriptures (my daughter is really not into it yet)
- Having a family breakfast if time permits (more than the normal routine of cereal)

To be honest, Sundays are often times more stressful and difficult than I would like them to be. Keeping my daughter busy and occupied as we await our meetings is tough some weeks. So, fellow mamas, please share, what do you do in your homes to make Sunday different from the rest? I would love to hear ideas for all ages of kids.

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runningfan said...

When my big kids were little, we had a Sunday Box. I put church-themed books and games (including file folder games, which are awesome) and videos in the box and we only used those things on Sundays. I have added to it over the years, and it provides a nice change-up in our routine to get those things out.

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

That is a great idea Heidi. I hadn't considered putting together a kit that only comes out on Sundays. I'll have to get on that one. Thanks.

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...
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Terrence and Kestlee said...

Erin!! I just wanted to let you know how much I love this blog! I will be checking back often.

I don't have any great ideas for making Sunday special, but I appreciate the ones you posted.

Terrence and I are still trying to figure out how to make it through all of church with 4-month-old twins! :)

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Thanks for saying hi Kestlee. I agree getting through church with kids is tough work. Twins have to be so fun though!

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