Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy Friday to you all.

As you can see, the postings to Mamas Who Know have been a little sparse this week. We are on the downhill slide of our time here in Dallas and are involved with everything that comes with moving. Not leaving time for much else.

Regardless, we are moving full ahead with our Easter Celebrations this weekend. We chatted with a lovely woman in the check-out line at Jo-Ann today who referred to Easter as "Resurrection Sunday". I appreciated that, and felt glad knowing that we are very familiar with the word resurrection here at our house.

Thank you to all who entered the Net Nanny giveaway. We have four copies to give away. The winners are:

Blog winners: Cheeri who said, "Our kids are using the internet more and more so this would be an awesome thing to have." and Heidi who said, "I think is a must in every home! My oldest is 8 and is starting to come home from school with school approved websites and wanting to makes me nervous because like you said, it comes to don't have to seek it out anymore!

Facebook winners: Samantha Strong Murphey who said, "I've been looking for a good internet filter software. I would love to benefit from the giveaway!" and Susan Pendleton Harris who said, "I'd love this also!"

Send me an e-mail at mamaswhoknow (at) and we'll get the subscriptions set up. 

Have a lovely Easter, mamas. 

Above quote taken from this talk.
Here's a link and some thoughts on my absolute favorite resurrection talk by Elder Wirthlin. 

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