Monday, April 4, 2011


And just like that, another General Conference has come and gone.

How was it?

We thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyed beautiful summer-like weather, good food (including successful homemade cinnamon rolls), family in town, and listening to the messages of our leaders. It wasn't seamless of course, with keeping the kids occupied and all, but it was nice. It's a good thing we have another six months to get familiar with all of the talks, because I know I missed some good things.

Like last Conference, I wanted to share a few of my favorites. As Elder Holland said, I think we will all have different favorites depending on where we are at in life. I'm going to choose three, but I have about seven I could mention.

How could you not love Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk Saturday morning? Seriously. I think every sister in the Church felt appreciated and recognized. It was a definite favorite of mine. 

I loved Elder Scott's words about his wife and family on Sunday afternoon. So much can be learned just from his example of love and adoration than anything else. I felt the desire to be more kind, supportive, appreciative and  focused on my spouse.

I also loved Elder Robbins' talk about Christ-like parenting on Sunday afternoon. I was reminded that my role as a parent is to teach by example how to become more Christ-like.  I loved his comments about discipline as we have recently been questioning how to handle a few situations with this specific principle. It was so relevant for me.

How about you? What were your favorite parts of your conference weekend? What were your favorite talks?

Here are a few ideas about how to apply General Conference in your family.

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WareHouse said...

Great minds think alike! Or maybe it is more the fact that we are in very similar stages of life. Those three are my favorites as well! Good stuff!

Emily said...

Loved those, too!

Elder Scott's just made me cry it was so sweet. His talks have seemed to get more emotional lately -- he used to hit the tough topics more often, don't you think?

Christina said...

Agreed to all of the above! I can't wait to sit down and share some of my own conference thoughts. There were so many that talks that really resonated with me.

Katy said...

My ability/desire to take notes is hit or miss each year - this year I did take notes for the Sunday session and so I'm remembering far more of it! The first thing that comes to mind is President Monson's talk about temples. Sure makes me realize that no matter what flimsy excuses I think I have for not getting to the temple more often, I need to be grateful that our temple is but a short 30 minute drive away. Many others have, and still do, travel great distances and at a large expense to go even once. I need to go more often and show gratitude for having one so close!

Also, I made note of the idea to put a picture of the temple in your children's rooms. Get them started young to realize how important it is!

Mary Anne said...

I watched with a friend who has four kids, so between the two of us and six children I'd say I missed way more than I would have liked, but I still haven't watched Sunday afternoon altogether (over here in Germany you just have to watch that one on your own at some point...which hasn't happened yet). But hearing that two of your favorites were from that session made me very excited for them. I'm eager to hear what was said about discipline as well! Thanks for sharing your favorites. I know one thing I'm going to do after watching is get pictures of the temple for each of the kids' rooms.

Have a great day!

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