Thursday, April 14, 2011


One day last week,  in the midst of showing our house I felt the powerful influence of General Conference.

I was down to the wire to get out the door before the potential buyers would come and was running around like crazy. Kate was already buckled in her seat and Hannah was playing on the rug. In a fit, I'm sure, I asked Hannah to hurry and clean up the toys. I went to another room to make sure everything was just right. After a few minutes I came back to find everything put away, just as I had asked.

I couldn't believe it. She doesn't always listen and follow-through, but this time she had. In a moment of anxiety for me, she had stepped up. I felt so grateful for her, for her obedience and for her willingness to help.

As we were driving out of the neighborhood, the thought of Elder Robbins' General Conference talk popped into my mind. I didn't know his words exactly, but remembered feeling the impression from conference to compliment my children more for the people they are and not for the things they do. I need to help them realize exactly who they are. I've posted Elder Robbins' talk above.

I took a moment to thank Hannah for her obedience and for how she is such a good listener--not just for picking up the toys in that moment.

Regardless of the situation, I was thankful in that moment for the counsel I had heard in General Conference. I am amazed at how it influences our lives so much, and how it is such a guide.

How about you mamas? Have you been able to apply any of the things you learned in last General Conference? It's been on my mind, has it been on yours?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is a great example. I too have been keeping those words top of mind when complimenting my kids...I hope to use that more often in the future!

Mormon Women: Who We Are said...


That talk was one of my faves. I call it the doobeedoobeedoo talk.


Camille Phillips said...

It's funny because I've really tried to follow the advice from that talk ever since I heard it.

It's amazing how the Lord can know of our problems and provide a solution through someone else - especially through the talks of the Apostles and Prophets.

Ann said...

It was one of our favorites, too. Elder Robbins visited our stake not too long ago and gave us a little preview. Tonight a member of our Stake Presidency used it as the basis of his remarks at the High Priests' group meeting. I love how the Lord helps us understand things by providing opportunities for us to hear them in different ways.

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