Friday, February 18, 2011


Please don't be jealous, but it is eighty degrees in Texas today!

We have had a healthy dose of "real life" this week. Early in the week we were greeted with a stomach bug that brought lots of changing of sheets, if that explains it at all. My girls seem to be better and just in time to fire up the air conditioner. We've got beautiful weather on our radar for the entire weekend. And, a Mommy / daughter trip to see the BYU Basketball team / Jimmer Fredette for Saturday afternoon is making me happy. We are looking forward to the weekend.

Aside from being a bit under the weather we have stayed very busy with a few other Church commitments. Monday, I spent half the day on the roof of the Dallas Temple on a service assignment and last night we had the missionaries for dinner. With a few other things mixed in, we have managed a very busy week.

The other night I came across this quote from President Joseph Fielding Smith from way back in 1905. I loved the term, "real life", because that is exactly what we are in the thick of. I'm not always able to capture "real life" with my camera, but believe me it is here. I loved President Smith's encouraging words about our job as mamas.
As always, I hope your weekend is full and wonderful.

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Lindsey said...

erin, i love checking in on this blog. so uplifting. can i just call this blog my scripture study? :) so glad you're doing this.

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