Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I didn't make it to Church this past Sunday. Sick kids and extenuating circumstances, didn't allow for my weekly worship. I was surprised at the disappointment I felt as I realized that we wouldn't be going. I guess I have developed a testimony over the years of the blessings of being in Church each week and longed to be there.

As my children napped, I perused LDS.org and was touched by this sweet Mormon Ad about lifting burdens. As I listened to the testimonies shared by our modern-day prophets my heart and home were filled with the peace of knowing that Jesus Christ lives.

I don't often share, in this forum, the details of my testimony, but feel that this message encompasses my thoughts about the Savior. I have felt the relief of the Atonement firsthand and know the peace that only His gospel can bring.

I hope you'll love it too.


Melanie Anne said...

Dear Erin,
I LOVED that video--thank you so much for sharing that. I love that your blog is so Christ centered. I love to visit and always feel so uplifted. Thank you for pointing us to Him--the source of all happiness and peace. What a beautiful gift. Thank you so much! With love from Tennessee

jaytee'sbtw said...

Thank you. What sweet voices are our Apostles and Prophet. And what a great way to re-evaluate and re-focus. Thank you.

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