Tuesday, January 18, 2011

S & P.

In all of my list-making, "S&P" always sits atop my list each morning. "S" for scriptures and "P" for prayers. To be honest though, while they always sit as the first thing on my list, they are not always the first things to be done each day. Usually, it doesn't happen unless I wake up well ahead of my two little buddies.

For me, S&P does me the most good when done in the morning hours, when things are calm and the day has yet to become hectic or throw me any surprises. I am most fresh in those hours and am open to learning more. Trouble is, that means I have to get myself out of bed and get going. That also means, I should be getting to bed earlier.

Oh the dilemma.

When do you find time to slip in your S&P? When is the best time for you, and your family? I'd love to know your tried and true secrets.

Quote taken from Sister Beck entitled, "My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures".
Scripture image found here.


AllisonK said...

Love that your scriptures are full of color. My favorite way to study.

The morning, or really anytime the children are unconscious and house is quiet.

erin@mamaswhoknow.blogspot.com said...

Good ideas Allison. Unfortunately these are not my scriptures, just an image off the web. I do have a color coded set, but right now I am sticking with a black pen.

Allison Serr said...

P in the shower, and S during nap time. It's the only thing that's worked long term for me.

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Good idea Allison! I had definitely not considered the shower.

Missy said...

Most days I find myself praying while I run in the morning. Therapeutic for me, maybe not everyone.

Scriptures are harder for me. I actually listen to podcasts (BYU Roundtable discussions are SO good) while I work at night. It is a great accompaniment to reading scriptures.

(Sorry for the comment hog tonight, I think about all your posts throughout the day!)

faith said...

What has really helped me was to create the rule that I don't get on the computer for anything until I have read my scriptures. It's easy to spend a lot of time online. I figured that could wait until I've read something of infinite more worth. I've gotten into a really good routine that way. I often end up reading as the kids are eating breakfast. Sometimes it doesn't get done until after they're in bed, but those days I feel like my whole day has been better because I haven't been wasting time online.

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

Missy and Faith,

Those are great ideas. And, things I hadn't considered before.

It would take a lot of discipline on my part to not get on the computer before the scriptures had been opened before the day. A great demonstration of priorities, I think.

I appreciate your comments and insights.

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