Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hannah went to Primary for the first time today. It was a long time coming as she has been talking about it for some time. She had no issues with the big step and even asked our neighbor friend to drop her off in her seat. Off she went, into the big world of Primary. I followed close behind with Kate in my arms and stood at the back of the Primary room for a few minutes, hardly believing we had arrived to this point. Hannah socialized and laughed with her fellow sunbeams, like she'd been just that her whole life.

After the block I picked her up. Her teachers were loving and kind and assured me that she had done just fine. She excitedly showed me what she had made in class, and using it, explained the Joseph Smith story. She repeated it on the car ride home. Later that day as I recounted the exchange with her teachers to Jimmy, I couldn't help but feel very grateful.

Today was the first experience of what will likely be hundreds, maybe even thousands of lessons and activities for our daughter, just for being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each week, she will be fed and taught by loving and willing volunteers for hopefully the rest of her life. Aside from what she learns at home, she will be taught and enlightened by countless others.

So tonight I am grateful. Grateful to be part of such a wonderful organization. Grateful to good teachers who took time to teach my three year-old today and for those many, many, that will come down the road. It feels good to be a member of the Church.

These thoughts reminded me of this quote from Elder Holland's last conference address. I loved this talk.


Mary Anne said...

She is one smart girl, that Hannah. No doubt she had already heard that story at home. Come to think of it, though...I'm not sure I've told it to Sadie in its entirety. See...this is what you do. Inspire me to be better and help me think of things I should be doing to better teach my children. And I love Primary. I'm so glad for my recent call to serve there. Couldn't be happier. We really are blessed to be members of the church. I was thinking about that yesterday. You always hear about how the church is "the same everywhere," and after seeing it firsthand I couldn't be more grateful.

Emma said...

I love that little girl so much!

Heidi said...

Wow I can't believe she is a CTR! Again so crazy to me how she is only a few months older than Max yet he won't be there for another year.

I'm pretty sure my CTR4 kids have no idea what I've taught them about in class; go Hannah for remembering what she was taught!

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