Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hannah with Grandpa Warren, 2007.
  During our holiday in Utah, we took a few hours and went and visited my 95 year-old grandpa. Over the past few years, our visits have been much the same with Grandpa Warren. We talk about the weather, the family, Jimmy's career path, our growing girls, that one time when he visited Dallas, and other very basic things.

This time I noticed that he was even more feeble from our last visit in October, but our conversation was much the same. After a few minutes he said, "I wish someone had told me piano was so hard, I probably would have passed on the lessons." After about falling out of my chair I stammered, "you're taking piano lessons?" He went on to explain that after receiving a flier on his door, soliciting piano students, he called the teacher and signed up. He bought the books and has had four lessons. Turns out he is the oldest student in the history of his teacher, beating the next oldest, by a mere twenty years.

As I have contemplated 2011 over the past week, my thoughts have turned to my grandpa on numerous occasions. I too would love to master the piano. The years of piano training I had as a child did not stick, to say it nicely. In fact, I have thought many times to add improving on the piano to my list of resolutions. But, soon after, thoughts like, "piano lessons are too expensive", or "when will I ever practice with my girls always at my feet" or "it's too late to become good at the piano", enter my mind, and I do not pursue my goal.

While I would love to improve my skills at the piano, this story is not just about me becoming a better musician. It is about trying new things, and about believing that changes and improvements can indeed be made. More than anything, I think we can all learn that it's not too late to progress and master new things. Because if my 95 year-old grandpa can use his walker to get to the piano each day to practice, I am just sure I can set and accomplish a few of the things I would like to in 2011.

May it be a wonderful 2011 for all of us.

(Hopefully this is the last of the resolutions posts, I am still working on my list for 2011, so it is fresh in my mind.)


Heidi said...

I think we can also learn from that that we don't have to do everything on our life goal list right this second. My mom completed her first triathlon at age 60. Your grandpa is taking piano lessons in his 90s. Most of us still have long full lives ahead of us and although it is good to do things that help us progress and improve at this time in our lives, we don't have to take it all on. Being moms to little children is a lot! Alright that was way too long of a comment.

Erin@mamaswhoknow said...

That is a great point Heid. I definitely need to remember that..thanks!

Emma said...

I love Grandpa. What a great example and funny story to tell. I always thought I would be at a certain place in my life before I started having kids. For one, I thought I would know how to write a really good essay or be good at math, but unfortunately I am not. I guess it is okay to continually learn as they learning as well. Thanks for this great post. Miss you!

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