Monday, January 24, 2011


Good Morning Mamas,

I wish I had big doin's to report from Dallas, TX but we've been wrapped up in the routine of life. I am now just sure that January is for catching your breath and catching up after the bustling holiday season. Here, we are doing just that. The new year has brought lots of goals and plans and I am just figuring out how to get things rolling and accomplishing a few major projects before spring comes and it is time to pack our bags. A few of those projects are repainting our kitchen table and chairs and getting our family books organized and printed.

We've also had cold, cold weather for our part of the world and it's put a damper on our spirits (maybe just mine). But, we've had a lot of play-doh, puzzles, hi-ho cherry-o and Toy Story 3 and I am ready to get my girls outside and playing.

I thought this quote was a pleasant one to start the week off on. Hannah gave me this great advice after she had tipped over a whole glass of water.

Do your children share the same sentiments as mine about the job of the mama?

Now something of real value. If you're a youth leader, these sites that contain the Strength of Youth Media 2011 DVD might be of use to you. They were just put online.

Have a great day!


Mariesa M. said...

That's cute! Sounds like something my daughter would say . . . .

Mary Anne said...

Oh Hannah. What a girl. I don't even know her, but I feel like I do sometimes.

I also feel like living in a hotel room for over a month hasn't brought out the best in me, and I hope that February will be my January to catch up and get back into a routine. I have my resolves to be a better mommy (many of which come from reading your blog :), but without feeling quite normal or having my own space I'm having a hard time making everything come together. But I'm excited to get there.

Oh, and I have to agree that with the amount of Toy Story 3 we can all quote, it's time for better weather.

Naomi said...

so made me smile :) I have heard that many times in my house! Naomi xx

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