Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Some of my fondest Christmas Eve memories include planning and playing the nativity scene with my cousins at our annual Christmas Eve party at my grandmothers house. One year my mom made all of the costumes for a ward party, and they have debuted every Christmas Eve since then. Probably twenty by now.

This year we participated in our stakes living nativity during the first weekend of December. My husband and I were asked to sit as Mary and Joseph for an hour one afternoon as passers by looked on. It was a neat experience and one that I will cherish as I took the role of Mary for a short time.

Later that weekend Hannah and Jimmy were part of our wards journey to Bethlehem as a shepherd and sheep. We have enjoyed playing our parts in the nativity.

This Christmas Eve, my grandma has asked me to help oversee the nativity. With the second generation of grandchildren up and coming, we should have a full cast. I found this great outline and I think we will follow it. Short and sweet, and I love that it involves the entire family as the choir.

What about you mamas? Does your family do the nativity story on Christmas Eve. Any tricks or tips that make is a successful part of your evening. I would love to hear.


Heidi said...

We always did the nativity Christmas Eve, with extended family it was quite a large one. In more recent years, the grandkids within my immediate family have done one. This year I am at a loss, knowing we will be spending it just our family and not sure how to make a nativity happen with just two kids around.

Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

We like to do a nativity as well. The key to success, I have found, is to keep it pretty chill :) I heard about someone who is sewing, scripting, memorizing, practicing... this seems a bit much for the kids! We keep it relaxed, let the kids pick parts, costumes... be creative! That's when the sweetest comments come out of their mouths :) It makes it all worth it!

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