Thursday, December 2, 2010


Two of my favorites from our recent family photo shoot with Elise of Sleeman Photography.

Today, is my oldest daughters third birthday. Yesterday, my baby turned one. That's some serious family planning, or lack there of. Either way, we've been celebrating all week.

These birthdays have caused some reflection. If you're like me, seeing your children grow older feels almost mysterious. Truly, it was yesterday that I held my tiny Hannah in my arms for the first time, admiring her every feature. Now, three years later, she is her very own, unique person, and I, a three year-old mother, am so very changed.

In my moments of reflection I almost begin to feel that December first and second ought to be my special days. They are, after all, two of the most momentous days of my entire existence. Days, that I have recorded and recounted time and time again. So important in their significance, that I know just what I ate, just what I did, and how the minutes of those day materialized. They were my most special days, and now, they've become the most special days in the lives of my two little girls.

And, that's just about how it's gone. My life is now theirs, and that is very much okay. The balloons and the cupcakes are for them now, and I like it. You see in the past three years, I feel like motherhood has been good to me, it has brought out the real me, unlike any other experience in my life.

These two seem to have unlocked the true me. I have learned quickly that you can't hide anything from children. Each day, Hannah and Kate get me as their mom. They get the good, the bad and the ugly. They are there when my patience is frazzled, and my snappiness peaks. They know that here in the Shaha home, it's not all together all of the time. They see it all, me for me.

That me, however, has learned to do just about anything to see these girls happy. They see me sing at high volumes, dance like a lunatic, play on the floor with them, and read stories in crazy voices. They've seen me try my best to do their hair, and make them presentable. And, I only hope they've felt my love as I've tried to develop the ability to nurture and care for them. I hope they notice that I am trying to teach them correct principles, and do things consistently in our home. And I hope someday, they'll realize just how much they are loved.

While I realize that it may not be pretty all of the time, I truly appreciate these last three years. I love how they've stretched me, strengthened me and brought out the happiest me.

Happy Birthday to Hannah and Kate. The girls who have made me a mama.

Quote by Sheri L. Dew talk entitled, "Are We Not All Mothers?"


runningfan said...

Beautiful post! You were definitely made to be a mama.

katie said...

Beautiful, Erin. Those are my exact feelings--though I never could have expressed them so eloquently. Happy birthday to your girls, and to you!

Heidi said...

Great post Erin! Seeing you in action as the Mom is something I hope to do someday. Happy day to you and your girls.

Kat said...

Hi Erin,

I just discovered your blog and already love it because I identify so much with how you feel.
Thanks for sharing ideas on gospel living, parenting, and how to put the essential things first.
Many of us express wishful thinking in regards to doing the most important things, not getting lost in the laundry and day to day tasks, while continuing to grow and develop. Again, thanks for putting so many thoughts and ideas into context. I've already tried out a few things (like your essential/necessary list) and am excited that there are people like you out there :) Thanks for your efforts!

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