Monday, December 27, 2010


And just like that another Christmas has come and gone.

I hope yours was wonderful. Ours was a quiet one. With our siblings stretched from Afghanistan, to Texas to the MTC in Provo, the party was a little more low-key. But, it was magical indeed. Hannah, our three year-old, is about as enthusiastic as they come and Christmas morning she was in heaven. All of the hustle and bustle was worth it to see her excitement.

And now as the dust begins to settle (ours won't completely settle until we get home to Texas after the first of the year), we have taken a few moments to reflect. On our way home from my in-laws on Christmas Day, Jimmy and I talked about our Christmas. We talked about the highs and lows of a busy December and about the things we enjoyed most, as well as the things that we'll pass on, come next Christmas season.

Finally, as our conversation wrapped up, we discussed what we might add or take away to bring the Savior into our Christmas season in coming years. And, I thought this would be a great forum for this type of discussion.

As I reflected on our Christmas, there were two things that we did this year, that I felt brought the true spirit of Christmas to our family.

The first was our Christmas open house and service project. It gave us the opportunity to be with people we have grown to love and the chance to do something for others.

The other thing, was a living nativity during our Utah visit. The music, set and actors did a wonderful job portraying the story of the Savior's birth. Afterward, we along with some extended family went to The Cowboy Grub for scones and hot cocoa. I'd love to find something like this every year.

So, mamas, please tell. Of all of the December activities, which ones do you feel really brought the spirit of Christ into your Christmas? What things are sure to become family traditions? I would love to hear...and I think others would as well.

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Melanie Anne said...

My family has many many traditions each Christmas that have been followed for generations. For example one of my favorites is every Christams Eve we have "Chicken A la King" served in bread crowns, symbolic of Christ the King. The recipe is on my blog ( This year it was an extra special dinner, as we shared our Christmas Eve with four missionaries serving in our area. It was one of the best Christmas Eves we have had--the spirit was very strong, as we celebrated with some of HIs representatives. We loved it!

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