Monday, November 1, 2010


We had a great weekend. One that included trunk-or-treating, a bit of trick-or-treating, spider web cupcakes (half of which were dropped on the floor), dinner on the lawn at the hospital (to visit the Dad), stake conference and family pictures. Glad those are over!

On to some more good things.

A few weeks ago, my Relief Society president asked me to demo "Pancake Art" at a Relief Society activity. She had seen a segment on Rachael Ray about it and thought the sisters in our ward might enjoy it. I studied the art, practiced a bit and the demo was a success. Halloween turned out to be a great time to put it into good use. Nothing like Jack-o-lantern pumpkins to kick off a Happy Halloween. I think we'll be using pancake art for birthdays and other holidays. I'm sure your kids will love it.

Directions for Pancake Art

You will need:
Regular Pancake Batter
Food coloring or natural preserves to color the batter
Empty condiment bottles

- Mix regular pancake mix thinner than normal. Make sure that all the lumps are out. I ran mine through the blender.

- Use empty condiment bottles for the batter.  Make sure the tip is wide enough that the batter can pass through.

- Use preserves or chocolate syrup to color the mix. I went with a little food coloring to make the colors bright.

- Heat griddle well so that the batter will cook quickly. Make outer edges of figures first and fill in with batter after. Cook different pieces of your figure separately (ie; pumpkin, mouth, stem will be cooked separately).

- Put the design together when you plate the pancakes.

- Use chocolate chips or sprinkles to decorate. Enjoy!

We also did a butterfly to celebrate our Halloween costumes!

Hope your Halloween was successful and you've figured out how to get rid of all that extra candy!


Naomi said...

I so love this - going to share this on my facebook page - so clever - just love your blog :) Naomi x

Mary Anne said...

Your girls' costumes are so adorable. Love those cute pictures. And how fun are those pancakes! You have the best ideas...your girls are so lucky to have a cool mom like you.

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