Monday, November 8, 2010


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and survived the time change. Daylight savings is not always nice to us mamas. I'm just praying our wake-up times return to normal in the coming week, I'm just not a fan of a 5:55 a.m. start for a one year-old.

I was flipping through my calendar yesterday, taking a bit of inventory.  November is one week down, leaving two full weeks until Thanksgiving week. Like you, these are busy months at our house. With the regular holidays we also celebrate all four of our birthdays in November, December and January. In fact our celebrations began this weekend with my husband's 27'th yesterday.

With November underway, my visiting teaching sisters came to mind. The earlier the better, in my opinion when there is so much to be done in these busy months. I was reminded of Sister Thompson's talk this last General Relief Society meeting. Wasn't it good? I especially love the quote above.

On another note, the Tabernacle Choir giveaway ends tonight, make sure you've signed up. Thank you all for sharing how you use music in your mothering. I have loved reading your thoughts. For some inspiration, I would definitely recommend reading through the comments of the giveaway.

Hope your day is productive!

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