Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Did this gem show up in your mailbox this week?

As a missionary the arrival of the conference edition of the Ensign was akin to Christmas. Seriously, I remember devouring it. And, almost as exciting was looking at the photos taken during conference weekend. I always hoped to recognize someone.

Did you notice that the photos are a bit different this time? Color. I love it, it seems happy and fresh. When we subscribed to the Ensign when we got married we selected the option of having two conference editions delivered. So, this copy here, is all mine. Can't wait to dive in.


Krista said...

so funny..i would totally do the same thing on my mission...look for familiar faces back home.

runningfan said...

Mine just came today! Love it! Interestingly, the two extra copies I ordered showed up a week ago.

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