Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thought I'd pass along a few more general conference traditions as the weekend draws near. You mamas are amazing and I'm looking forward to implementing some of your ideas with my own family. Thanks to all of you who have shared.

Heidi from Colorado Springs, CO said:
"One that keeps the kids entertained is to make a list of key words to listen for.  When they hear one, they get to eat a small treat, like a chocolate chip or a marshmallow or a pretzel.  We usually have a list of 10 or 15 words with associated treats.  I make a new list for each session, and glue a sample treat next to each word so it's easy to find what to eat.  :) (Editor's note: I love this idea. Heidi even sent me a link to a post she wrote on her blog a few years ago and I loved the pics.)
We also use the Conference packets that circulate around the internet.  Blessings on the head of whoever puts those together!!
We always do a pre-Conference FHE about the apostles.  Usually this includes a memory/matching game with the apostles' faces.  I think it helps with recognition when we seem them on TV during Conference.
When my husband was growing up, his Dad always made crepes for breakfast on Conference Sunday.  We continue that tradition and the kids look forward to it every year!  The family I grew up in had a family meeting after each day of Conference.  My parents would ask questions about the talks and speakers and music, and whoever could answer got a jelly bean.  That encouraged us to take notes!  This was when we were all old enough to pay attention -- but the candy was VERY motivating!"
Rebecca of Coppell, TX said:
 "As for things we do during conference, I print off the Conference packets and our kids color and do the activities while listening.  They love the little snack bag of M & M's I give them for the bingo game.  Most get eaten before a BINGO is achieved, but they do give it a try...likely to make me feel good!

A snack we all like for the afternoon season of conference is buttered popcorn with parmesan cheese sprinkled on it with cheez-its and cheese chex mix---see a cheese theme in my family??!!   I added popcorn to the mix when all our kids were home years ago to exxxxxxxx-tend the good stuff!  It has become a favorite and no one minds the popcorn.

Breakfast is usually baked eggs and muffins---we all like to have a yummy brunch just before conference begins and it is an easy clean up! 

There's one thing we started years ago after reading what Elder Nelson and his family did after each priesthood session---the ladies and children made homemade donuts while the men were gone and when the men and young men came home, they all ate donuts and shared with the ladies/children what their favorite parts of the Priesthood session were!---Now, I am not a good donut maker, but I can whip up some mean brownies!  So my husband and our sons have come home for several years now and we enjoy warm brownies and ice cream listening to them share what they enjoyed/learned from the talks---it is a wonderful tradition and such a nice time to be together!  The Priesthood session several years ago when President Monson wiggled his ears was such fun to hear the boys laugh and talk about!" 

Heidi A. of Rochester, MN shared:
"For general conference I always make my mom's family recipe for cinnamon rolls."
Thank you again ladies. These ideas are great! 
As for me and my family, we are in a state of transition this weekend as we will finally be all together again after two long months. We will arrive back in Dallas, Sunday afternoon so I am just hoping and praying we will experience a bit of general conference. We'll definitely be missing our standard general conference brunch!


Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches said...

Thank you so much! I've never visited this blog before, but it's so great... thank you!

runningfan said...

These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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