Monday, September 27, 2010



Cute general conference baskets.
Mormon Mamas really have it down. With my girls being so small, I haven't had the chance of really entertaining them during hours of general conference. And, as I've looked through the net, I've found some really great ideas out there.

Here are some fun ideas that might work with your mini conference viewers:

A great article from Mormon Times about ten ways to make conference meaningful.
These ideas, will help keep them busy during g.c. watching.
Have you done your visiting teaching yet? This might be a good idea for the ladies you visit.
Lots of extra downloadable games from scriptures4kids. Bingo and General Authority matching look fun.
Great activity booklet for nursery aged kids.
Conference Bingo will keep everyone busy.
These coloring pages might be a hit with the littlest of conference viewers.
Try and beat these LDS crossword puzzles.
Fun ideas for a General Conference Family Home Evening.
Great article about preparing children for general conference.
Lots of great activity ideas here.

In the end, the important thing, is that conference is on and you are spending time with family. Keep it simple, that's my motto.

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Brett and Vivienne Caudle said...

The article you mentioned about ideas to make General Conference more meaningful is written by my sister in law. :)

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