Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Images via All Recipes

Is summer really over? All around me it seems like school bells are getting set to ring. It always goes way too fast. We won't be sending any kids to school this year and that means we're still spending lots of time together! It's hard to keep track of the months passing by without the school year to keep you honest.

I've discovered that everyone in my home is happiest when we are keeping busy and doing fun things. I am not a proponent of entertaining my children all of the time, but we all seem to be in better spirits when there is a plan and we are accomplishing things together.

I've had these few little projects and activities on my radar for some time. As vacations end and normalcy sets in, you might try a few of these fun activities to keep things interesting.

- I think my daughter would love to make this slime, just as long as I can keep it out of her mouth!
- I've been eying these cookies for a long time now, I think they would make a great afternoon activity.
- My little Hannah would be all over this color-mixing activity. I'll think we'll do this outside. (I love the site that this activity comes from)

I'd love to hear, do you have any fun activities planned to keep your kids busy?


Emma said...

Great Ideas! Lets do some of those activities next week!

Brad and Erica said...

I am always on the lookout for fun ideas. We made peanut butter playdough the other day, which was a hit. (I am not sure if it was a bigger hit with Annika, who had fun making bugs with pretzels and marshmallows, or Brad who ate half of it when he came home from work.) We've been planning on fingerpaint for a while now, but have yet to get around to it. Some old magazines and scissors kept Annika busy for a while. I also dyed pasta one day and planned on letting Annika string together a necklace, but she only got three "beads" on before she got bored. Live and learn.

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