Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I am always on the look out for unique, gospel-related art for my home. Not that I'll be buying real soon, but it's fun to browse. I love this Temple photography from Robert Boyd. In fact, we have gifted each of our parents prints of his work over the years. Some day, I'd like to add one of the Salt Lake Temple to the walls of our home.

You can check out his online gallery or Deseret Book carries a limited selection of his work. Looks like he also added a calendar to his collection this year.

Images of Bountiful Utah Temple and the Salt Lake Temple.


Linds said...

love the prints. and I will check the blog. keep it up!

Lindsey said...

What a great blog, Erin. Can't wait to keep checking back!

marta said...

erin, i can't tell you how psyched i am about your blog. i love how you've infused your personal experiences with gospel oriented posts. thank you! i love the ensign and every time i read it, i feel like EVERYONE should be reading this. the topics always come at just the right time. anyway, i am loving your ideas and stuff. i'd love to feature this blog sometime, if you're interested.

anyway, i just had to say that i have this letterpressed print of the SLC temple on our wall. finally framed and everything. i feel like such a better homemaker with something lovely and spiritual and meaningful above our table.

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