Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm going to go ahead and assume that forming the routines of scriptures, prayers and Family Home Evening are a bit of a struggle for your family too. Presumptuous, probably, but it makes me feel good about the struggles going on over at our place.

Well, a little over a year ago we got on the Family Home Evening bandwagon, and have stayed for the ride. We have formed the habit of meeting together each Monday evening. And I blame it all on frozen yogurt.

A while back we discovered a new fro-yo joint in our neighborhood. We were hooked. It was delicious and inexpensive and we found ourselves there way too often. After one of our trips to get yogurt I mentioned that we were probably frequenting the place too often and should probably only go for special occasions. Well, the special-est and most frequent of occasions that we could come up with was Family Home Evening. It was decided. Each Monday evening, after a short lesson we would go for our weekly fix.

And, you know what? It worked. It didn't take long for our daughter Hannah to learn that after dinner came our lesson and after the lesson came Tappy's. Pretty soon, she was holding us to our promise of Family Home Evening and yogurt each week. We don't have to wrestle her down or beg her to participate, and we certainly don't have any arguments about getting her in the car for our weekly outing.

Not the healthiest of family traditions, but the structure and routine of it, keeps us motivated to be together each Monday night.

What Family Home Evening traditions do you do in your home?

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Heidi said...

I've struggled to add a "fun" activity to our FHE's, as they usually just consist of a scripture, prayer, lesson, song. I love this idea. Now I need to find a good local place for my own fam.

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